The discretionary mandate is a structured, personalised approach to managing your assets where the day-to-day investment decision is delegated to us, your portfolio managers.

This is an ideal arrangement if you are too busy or you simply prefer your investments to reflect the best thinking of HP Wealth Management (S) Pte Ltd in both asset allocation and security selection.

The basic premise behind our discretionary mandates is that returns should be optimised based on the risk allowed through sufficient diversification and active management.

The first step is to determine the investment profile based on your performance objectives, risk tolerance and other relevant factors such as liquidity needs and time horizon. To a large extent, the profile will determine the portfolio’s return trajectory and volatility over the long term.

  The next step is the day-to-day management of the portfolio to implement our best ideas and to capture tactical opportunities arising from short term dislocations in the markets.

To make sure that your portfolio is managed along a disciplined process, an independent risk management monitors compliance with both internal risk controls and client-mandated guidelines.

Clients should remain involved in reviewing their investment parameters, and will receive comprehensive reporting regarding the positioning and performance of their investment portfolios, but decision making responsibility will lie with HP Wealth Management (S) Pte Ltd.

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