We offer a virtual custody of your assets - inclusive of non-bankable assets such as real estate, art, private investments, loans - across custodian banks in a centralised and independent non-banking platform that would enable you to view your assets individually or on a consolidated basis. Through our dedicated risk management and reporting team, we provide the following value-added services to our clients:

Consolidated assets reporting
We generate up-to-date views and reports of clients' consolidated assets, with the flexibility to view their asset allocation in various perspectives – either by region, country, sectors or even markets. In addition, we also produce customised, concise and user-friendly consolidated assets reports to ensure that our clients have an overall view of their portfolio.   

Portfolio risk and compliance monitoring
We perform detailed, efficient risk assessment of assets and ensure compliance monitoring of all client portfolios. By doing this, we maintain control over leverage used in client portfolios.  

Investment performance analysis
By conducting and providing performance and contribution analysis on clients' investments at the individual asset, portfolio and consolidated portfolio levels, we ensure high standards and results for clients. This process allows to compare the performance of various investment managers across different custodian banks and strategies.

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